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Dive spots can be found all around Albion in Fable II and Fable III, and represent hidden underwater caches of treasure and other items. They are identifiable as a circular ripple on the water's surface. To access a dive spot, swim towards it and press the A button to claim the contents.

Some dive spots act as the entrance to other regions; for example, access to the Gargoyle's Trove is via a dive spot in the river in Bowerstone Market. To access such dive spots, A must be held for a short period of time, similar to other dungeon access points.

Notable dive spots Edit

Bowerstone Edit

  • In the river, under the bridge; access to Gargoyle's Trove
  • In the river, near the wooden boards; access to the area behind the locked gate near the main entrance

Westcliff Edit

See Also Edit

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