The Dining Table is an item of furniture in Fable II. This item offers only to serve as decoration in a player's home. A dining table can increase or decrease the value of a home depending on the quality of the table.

Types of Dining Tables Edit

Name Stars Description Base Value
Broken Dining Table 1star

Fashioned from the finest wood, then beaten with hammers, lit on fire, thrown down a series of hills, and made available to you.

40 gold
Worn Dining Table 2stars This dining table, formerly a bed, then a chair, then a big wooden spoon, is the finest in recycled technology. 80 gold
Average Dining Table 3stars Enjoy lots of stilted dinnertime conversation around this wholly adequate table. 160 gold
Decorative Dining Table 4stars Be the host with the most with this wonderfully designed table. 320 gold
Luxury Dining Table 5stars Good for 2 or 20, this posh table is perfect as you sit and gorge on fine food. 640 gold

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