Species Human
Gender Male
Home Bower Lake
Enemies Hero of Bowerstone (if he is killed)
First Appearance Fable II
Last Appearance Fable II
Status Alive (if evil)
Deceased (if good)
"Oi, mate! Don't even think about letting those slaves out. They're mine. I paid for 'em."
— Dick, greeting the Hero.

Dick is a bandit in Fable II. Shortly after killing Thag the Impatient, Dick approaches the Hero of Bowerstone regarding two Gypsy prisoners that Thag has locked up. He explains that he paid for them and they are rightfully his. He offers the Hero 100 gold pieces to give the key to the cage to him.

If the key is given to him, he will give the Hero 100 gold pieces, as promised. He says the Hero is wise for doing business with him. The Gypsies are none too pleased and the Hero earns evil points.

If the Hero releases the prisoners, Dick is astonished. Once they're gone, he attacks the Hero and is killed shortly thereafter. Once he is killed, the Hero will still get his 100 gold.

Quotes Edit

"You'll regret that!"
— Dick, after attacking him.
"I can't believe you just did that!"
— Dick, after the Hero releases the slaves.
"You just turned down hard cash!"
— Dick, after the Hero releases the slaves.
"You're a nutter, you know that, a nutter!"
— Dick, after the Hero releases the slaves.

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