The Desk is an item of furniture in Fable II. This item offers only to serve as decoration in a player's home. A desk can increase or decrease the value of a home depending on the quality of the desk.

This item can only be found and purchased from the General Goods merchant on Knothole Island.

Types of DeskEdit

Name Stars Description Base Value
Broken Desk 1star You will be ill advised to write a friendly letter at this desk, as the paper would no doubt be soaked i its unique stinkwood aroma. Great for poison letters though. 25 Gold

Worn Desk Table

2stars It's rickety, it's wobbly, it's uneven. It is in short, a mine of unsteady synonyms. 50 Gold
Average Desk 3stars It won't be necessarily add a touch of class to your home, but this desk will be enough to convince visitors that you at least know how to hold a pen. 100 Gold
Decorative Desk Table 4stars This is the kind of desk great writers work at, absorbing the history ingrained in its wood while drawing inspiration from the fine craftsmenship that created it. 200 Gold
Luxury Desk 5stars A desk fit for a king, emperor or other high ranking member of office. One does not so much work at it, as sit quietly, irradiating opulence. 400 Gold

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