Derek (before)
Species Human
Gender Male
Home Bowerstone Old Town
Relationships Rose (Friend)
Sparrow (Friend)
Enemies Arfur
First Appearance Fable II
Last Appearance Fable II
Status Alive
"It's a good day when you've been strung on by two little kids, I'll tell ya."
— Derek

Derek is a guard in Bowerstone Old Town at the beginning of Fable II. He is encountered during Childhood, in which he hires Rose and Sparrow to retrieve five warrants that he has lost. They are warrants for five of the most dangerous criminals in Old Town, and they blew out of his hands and down an alley.

As Rose and Sparrow progress through Childhood, they find more warrants. Two can be found lying on the ground, with another appearing after Sparrow helps Balthazar. The dog brings a fourth to Rose and Sparrow, and the fifth is found in a bottle of booze belonging to Pete. Once all five warrants have been collected, Rose and Sparrow make their way back to Derek, but are intercepted by Arfur, a local criminal. He matches Derek's offer of one gold piece in return for the warrants. The Hero then has the choice of giving the warrants to Arfur, or bypassing him and handing them to Derek.

If the warrants are given to Derek, Old Town becomes a beautiful, crime-free neighbourhood after the Hero grows up. Derek is encountered again, in adulthood, and explains that he was able to put away the criminals that infested Old Town. He has been promoted to sheriff, and the Hero receives a discount at all shops.

If the warrants are given to Arfur, then Old Town becomes a crime-ridden slum. The people live in poverty and criminals are everywhere. The guards have abandoned the district and Arfur explains that, after losing the warrants, Derek was fired.


  • When encountering him again in adulthood, it is possible for the Hero to kill him. It must be done quickly, though, as after Derek finishes talking to the Hero he will leave Old Town and never be seen again.

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