Species Human
Gender Male
Home Bowerstone
Relationships Kenneth (Employee)
First Appearance Fable II - Blackmail!
Status Alive
"You are a dastardly fiend and must therefore pay the price for your infidelity."
— Denzel to the Hero of Bowerstone in his letter.

Denzel is an unseen character mentioned in Fable II.

If the Hero of Bowerstone has multiple spouses, then Denzel will send a letter to the Hero's home. Thankfully, the Hero's spouse did not read it, as it states that Denzel is aware of the Hero's infidelity and demands 2,000 gold in order to keep him silent.

The Hero is instructed to meet Kenneth, stooge in service to Denzel, under the Bowerstone Bridge. Once there, Kenneth asks the hero for the gold. The Hero can pay Kenneth, an option which Kenneth states makes everyone happy; he will not be killed, Denzel gets his money, and the Hero can maintain his/her marriages. Alternatively, the Hero can ignore or murder Kenneth, which results in Denzel informing the Hero's spouses of his/her infidelity.

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