Species Human
Gender Female
Home Possibly Bowerstone Industrial
First Appearance Fable III - Whorezone
Last Appearance Fable III
Status Alive

Deirdre is a character in Fable III.

She is a prostitute you meet outside of the brothel in Bowerstone Industrial, who gives you the quest Whorezone. She will only offer you the quest after you have finished the main storyline quest and if you turned The Bowerstone Shelter and Orphanage into a brothel per the suggestion of Reaver. She wants the Hero to assassinate a fellow prostitute who has been giving her first-time customers free sex. The target is found in Bowerstone Market.

Once the victim is dead and the quest is finished, the player can choose to have sex with Deirdre. She can give you a STD if you have unprotected sex with her.

Gallery Edit

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