Species Human
Gender Female
Relatives Belinda (Daughter)
Monty (Son-in-law, if good)
Home Bowerstone Old Town
First Appearance Fable II
Last Appearance Fable II
Status Alive

Deidre was a resident of Bowerstone Old Town. She resided in the house known as The Knuckles with her daughter, Belinda. She is encountered during Childhood, in which Belinda is being courted by Monty. However, Deidre disapproves of their relationship and thus they can only communicate while Belinda is on the balcony.

She later shoos away Monty, but he hires Rose and Sparrow to deliver a love letter to Belinda, telling her to run away with him. The Hero then has the choice of either giving Belinda the letter, causing her to run away with Monty, or delivering the letter to Deidre. If Deidre is given the letter, Monty will attempt to talk his way out of the situation; this results in him telling Deidre that the letter was for her. Consequently, Deidre intends to marry him and Monty makes excuses. Either way, Rose and Sparrow get one gold and are able to move on with their goal.