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Dans Mourir
Dans Mourir
Species Human
Gender Male
Enemies Hobbes
First Appearance Fable III - Hobnobbing With Hobbes
Last Appearance Fable III
Status Deceased

Dans Mourir is a character in Fable III. He is the author of both "Attack of the Killer Puffins" and "Liver of Darkness". He is also the quest-giver for Hobnobbing With Hobbes. He asks the Hero of Brightwall to take him into Dankwater Cavern in Millfields so he can study hobbe culture. Dans finds a spot in the cave to study a tribe of hobbes, and the Hero leaves him to his work.

Should the Hero later return to the cave, Mourir's journal can be found on the ground right next to a cooking pot and some bones. In the journal's final entry, Dans writes about his encounter with the hobbes, including one wearing a "dirty chef's hat" and carrying a cookbook. Based on the journal, it is presumed that Mourir was killed and eaten by the hobbes.


  • His name literally translates in French to "In Dying", which is fitting, considering the outcome of his expedition.
  • On return trips to the cave, a letter to Dans from Arthur can be found on the ground next to his hiding spot. It reads, "My dear Dans, what a pea-brained moon-calf you are. Oh and your books are rubbish. Yours sincerely, Arthur."
  • During the quest Mercenary Customs, Billy will mention having read a book by Dans Mourir, saying it was complete rubbish.
  • Dans Mourir may have once lived in Brightwall, as there is a house there called Mourir's Mansion.
  • He has the same appearence as the default male figure in the Fable III Villager Creator.

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