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Species Human
Gender Male
Relationships Myra (crush)
First Appearance Fable: The Lost Chapters
Last Appearance Fable Anniversary
Status Alive
"I mean, maybe it was just the mushrooms and she's actually just an ugly stick victim.

Don't try to pass the letter off as your own. I've spent weeks perfecting its sublime poetry.
— Cyril

Cyril is a character featured in Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary. He is linked to the Bronze Quest The Sick Child on account of his owning one of the four Blue Mushrooms required to complete the quest. He can be found in the Guild Woods, where he has just thrown a large party, after the Hero visits Bowerstone South.

Cyril tells the Hero of Oakvale that during the party he met a drop-dead gorgeous girl called Myra, whose true appearance he cannot recall (owing to the Blue Mushroom), and asks the Hero to take to her a love letter.

Upon receiving the letter, Myra will ask the Hero whether or not it was written by him. The following options are available:

  • Claim that the letter is from you.
  • Claim that the letter is from Cyril.

If you choose to say that the letter is from you, then you are given the Letter from Myra and a few evil points. Alternatively, if you choose to say that the letter is from Cyril, you are given the Reply from Myra and a few good points.

After giving Myra the letter and returning to Cyril, you can choose what to tell him as regards Myra's decision:

  • If you lie and choose to tell him that she was completely uninterested, he will be disappointed with the outcome and you will receive evil points.
  • If you give Cyril the good news, he will say: "She really likes me! Oh, and I bet she really is beautiful... Have this for your trouble. I have no more need for intoxicants, for I have found love." He then leaves the Guild Woods, presumably to meet Myra. You are also given some good points for your kind deed.

Regardless of what you choose, you will still receive a Blue Mushroom.


  • When you interact with Cyril for the first time, he will say that the party he attended took place yesterday. However, he will also say that it took him weeks to write the love letter, despite never having met Myra before the party.
  • After deciding to tell Cyril that Myra is not interested in him, once you finish the quest, leave the region, then come back, upon interacting with Cyril, he will say: "I can't believe she doesn't like me. Stupid ugly cow. I'll find someone who appreciates my writing talents."