Disambiguous This article is about the cursed item. For its quest, see The Costume Party.
Cursed Skull
Cursed Skull
Type Object
Effects Transportation to the Celestial Keep
Source Murgo (See The Future)
Related Quests The Costume Party
Base value 5 gold
Stars 1star

The Cursed Skull is an item obtained from Murgo after purchasing the See the Future DLC in Fable II.

When activated, it transports the player to the Celestial Keep, where a cursed knight begs to be freed from his tomb. The knight will send the Hero off to find wisps in various parts of the Keep to free him by tricking them into following the Hero whilst wearing the Hollow Man Suit.

The skull is cursed prior to completing The Costume Party. After the quest is completed, the curse on the skull is removed, and the player may freely explore the Keep. However, the item name and description remain the same even after the curse is lifted.


The hollow eyes stare at you blindly, and you can't help feeling a shiver of dread run up your spine.


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