Crunchy Chick
Fable Crunchy Chick
Type Food
Effects Adds evil points and fatness
Source General goods stores
Related Quests Sacrificing to the Shadows
Base value 28 gold
Stars 1star
High in protein, low in morality. - In-game description

A Crunchy Chick is a food that you can purchase in the Darkwood Camp, Twinblade's Camp, the General Store at the top of the hill at Knothole Glade and from some traders that walk around in Fable, The Lost Chapters and Anniversary, and from most stores in Fable II, and Fable III. Eating this food incurs evil points due to it being a live, baby chick.

Fable Edit

In Fable, you are asked by a Demon Door to commit an act of great evil before him, eating 11 Crunchy Chicks in front of the door counts as an act of great evil.

Fable II Edit

In Fable II, you must eat 5 Crunchy Chicks at the front gate in order to become a member of the Temple of Shadows. The worshiper at the temple says that it is "the most disgusting thing he has ever seen, and [he has] never missed a single torture Tuesday."

Knothole Island Edit

In the Fable II Downloadable Content, Knothole Island, 3 Crunchy Chicks are required to unlock "an evil weapon". The "evil weapon" is the Wretcher's Blade.

Fable IIIEdit

In Fable III, Crunchy Chicks can be consumed to decrease your moral standing and increase your character's weight. They can be purchased in the Mercenary Camp, at the General Store, and at The Werehouse in Silverpines.

The consumption of these chicks can be used to increase your Hero's weight to open the Millfields Demon Door or to decrease your morality for the purpose of upgrading weapons.

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