Crime Spree
Achievement icon Achievement Information
Gamerscore 10 Gamerscore
Description Get a 15,000 gold bounty placed on your head.

Crime Spree is an achievement you can get in Fable III.


Steal an item from a shop, trespass, or commit a murder or vandalism. Resist arrest then proceed to kill innocents and guards until your bounty reaches 15,000.


You've become Albion's most wanted criminal. We just hope you could afford the fine.


  • It is easier to attain this achievement before becoming King or Queen.
  • However, this achievement can be awarded when one is King / Queen. It must be done in Brightwall Village. Crime Spree and timer will not show. But if you keep on killing the respawning guards, with enough time you will attain this achievement. link
  • Early in the game this achievement is much harder to gain as the hero's power will be similar to that of the guard.
  • Thus, the best time to gain this achievement is after The Masquerade but before traveling to Aurora. As the hero will be the most powerful he/she can be to commit the crimes.
  • As the timer of the bounty is over 3 hours, one should plan either to a. not save (particularly if playing as a good hero) or b. leave the region immediately after (traveling to Aurora would be a good plan)
  • By stealing items, it appears you can get a large fine without doing much. (For best results, steal weapons.)

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