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Cooking Apple
Cooking Apple
Type Produce
Source Found on the ground of the Heroes' Guild
Related Quests Four Apples
Base value 3

A Cooking Apple is a produce item in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary that are red in colour, unlike Green Apples. In the side quest Four Apples, the Hero of Oakvale must find four cooking apples for a servant who rewards him with a Blueberry Pie.

Description Edit

An apple a day keeps the reaper away.

Acquisition Edit

Cooking apples can only be found during the quest Guild Training. There are a total of 7 apples scattered throughout the grounds of the Heroes' Guild. They are removed from the Hero's inventory after completing the quest, however, they can be sold to a shopkeeper before completion and repurchased afterwards. The shopkeeper will purchase them for 7 gold pieces.

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