Connor CloseUp
Species Previously: Human
Currently: Balverine
Gender Male
Home Silverpines
First Appearance Fable III - Weight of the World
Last Appearance Fable III
Status Alive (if evil option taken)
Deceased (if good option taken)

Connor is a character in Fable III who is involved in the quest Stolen Statue. Connor lived in the Silverpines camp until he fell asleep on watch and was exiled from the small village into the dangerous forests.

Connor steals a statue, called White One, from a noblewoman in Millfields which has the power to make the holder a leader of Balverines, as well as make him a Balverine, too. The Hero comes to collect the statue to find it had been stolen and goes in search of the thief.

Connor gives the Hero an option. Either destroy the silver lanterns guarding the settlement and get the statue (evil option) or don't get the statue and fight him and he will tell the Balverines to attack the settlement anyway (good option).

If you chose the good option, Connor will send his balverines to attack the village. You then go and help the other people in the settlement. Eventually, Connor will arrive and transform into a White Balverine, at which point the Hero must defeat him. If you chose the evil option, Connor will tell you that you are always welcome around these parts and will give you the statue. You get the statue from him anyway if you kill him.


  • Even though Connor states that "you'll always be welcome" in Silverpines if you help him, any Balverines subsequently encountered will still attack you.
  • The name Connor (when derived from the spelling Conor) can be translated to mean "lover of wolves" or "wolf kin"[1], fitting for Connor's Balverine status.
  • When spelled "Conor", which is the traditional Irish spelling, it translates to "King of Wolf Hounds".



  1. Stafford, Diane (2005). 50,001 Best Baby Names. Sourcebooks. p. 147. ISBN 9781402204982.

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