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Collect the Hero Dolls
Quest Card Emblem
Type Bronze Quest Icon Bronze Quest
Preceding None
Succeeding None
Start Bowerstone South
End Bowerstone South
Reward Jack of Blades Doll

Collect the Hero Dolls is a quest in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary.

Walkthrough Edit

The quest officially begins once the player has obtained at least one Hero doll and enters Bowerstone South. A small child from the school will run up to the Hero and suggest that he take any dolls he owns to the teacher at the nearby school, who is a collector and owns a rare doll that the children aren't allowed to handle.

There are six dolls to collect in Fable, and seven in both Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary. All of the dolls must be won by playing and winning various tavern games in several of the settlements (with the exception of the Thunder doll, which can be purchased at the Arena and Bowerstone North). Each tavern game must be won with an exceptional score or finish time in order for the doll to be given as a "special prize."

Once all the dolls have been collected, return to Bowerstone South. The teacher will automatically seek the Hero out and offer to trade his rare Jack of Blades doll for the Hero's dolls, ending the quest.

This is a list of the Hero dolls and where they can be obtained:

  1. Briar Rose doll: Bowerstone South - Card pairs - 30 seconds or less
  2. Whisper doll: Oakvale - Coin golf. Requires 11 or less
  3. Twinblade doll: Twinblade's Camp - Spot the addition with better time than 25 sec.
  4. Scarlet Robe doll: Knothole Glade - Sort the cards in under 25 seconds.
  5. Thunder doll: The Arena or Bowerstone North - Purchased from shops.
  6. Maze doll: Hook Coast - Shove ha'penny.Achieved on 30+
  7. (TLC) Scythe doll: Snowspire Village - Coin golf. Requires 10 or less


  • The Doll of You does not count as one of the Hero dolls for this quest.
  • In Fable, Slow Time can be used to cheat at the timed tavern games (excluding card pairs in Bowerstone) by casting the spell before speaking to the game master. In Fable: TLC, tavern games are not affected by this spell, but in Fable Anniversary, Slow Time once again affects tavern games.

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