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Coats are a type of clothing in Fable II.

Types of Coat Edit

Basic Game ContentEdit

Archmage Robe

Attractiveness: 10.0%
Poshness: 5.0%
"There was a time when Will users were rather ostentatious as this elegant but overblown robe testifies."

Assassin Coat

Evil: 5.0%
"Lurk in the shadows, slip undetected into homes, and slaughter your targets in silence in this fetching coat."

Croptop Jacket

Attractiveness: 10.0%
(M)Cross-dressing: 10.0%
"Show off your abs or your sagging gut with this cheeky yet stylish jacket."

Cuffed Overcoat

Attractiveness: 5.0%
Poshness: 5.0%
"Smart and functional, this stylish overcoat features oversize cuffs designed to draw the eye away from your freakishly large hands."

Double-belted Jacket

Attractiveness: 10.0%
(M)Cross-dressing: 10.0%
"Haute but never flashy, the short sleeves show off the arms as the sharp coattails complement the broadsword."

Highwayman Coat

Attractiveness: 10.0%
Aggressiveness: 5.0%
"The perfect coat to stalk the roads looking for travellers to rob and murder"

Monk Robes

Good: 10.0%
"It's no wonder these soft robes are favoured by the monks of the Temple of Light."

Noble Gent's Coat

Attractiveness: 15.0%
Poshness: 10.0%
"Being a gentleman and a snob, you're too posh to wear anything but the best. This coat marks you as one of Albion's elite."

Patchy Coat

Attractivness: -10.0%
Poshness: -5.0%

Ranger Coat

No effects

Shadow-worshipper Robes

Evil: 10.0%
The posh twits at the Temple of Shadows may only be playing at being evil."

Spire Guard Overcoat

Aggressiveness: 10.0%

Will User Robe

Attractiveness: 5.0%
"Don't allow non-will-conducive cloths to cramp your magical style."

DLC ContentEdit

Balverine Suit Body

Scariness: 15.0%

Black Wheel Gang Coat

Attractiveness: 10.0%

Chasm Armour

Evil: 10.0%

Chicken Suit Body

Ridiculousness: 20.0%

Hal's Body Armour

Attractiveness: 10.0%

Highroller's Coat

Attractiveness: 5.0%

Hollow Man Suit Body

Attractiveness: -10.0%
Scariness: 5.0%

Hobbe Suit Body

Amusement: 30.0%

Knothole Armour

Attractiveness: 10.0%
Aggressiveness: 5.0%

Royal Robes

Attractiveness: 10.0%
Poshness: 10.0%

Welley's Soldier Coat

Attractiveness: 10.0%
Aggressiveness: 5.0%

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