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Cleavers are brutal medium-weight weapons whose origins can be traced back to the Old Kingdom. They are typically associated with aggression and malice, and are usually associated with warriors, bandits, and mercenaries.

Fable Edit

These are the cleavers and their information from Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary.

Iron Cleaver Edit



Material: Iron
Gold Value: 138
Augment slots: None
Damage: 30
Class: Light
Obtained From:

Steel Cleaver Edit



Material: Steel
Gold Value: 413
Augment slots: One
Damage: 42
Class: Light
Obtained From:

Obsidian Cleaver Edit



The Obsidian Forging process has made this heavy sword terrifying and damaging, darkening the blade and tainting the metal with an odd coldness that remains on even the warmest of days.

Material: Obsidian
Gold Value: 2,145
Augment slots: Two
Damage: 83
Class: Light
Obtained From:

Master Cleaver Edit

Master Cleaver


Despite their reputation as magicians and skilled wonderworkers, it seems the people of the Old Kingdom were no strangers to violence if the appearance of this blade is anything to go by. Both beautiful and yet oddly cruel in design, this sword is capable of cleaving through opponents armour and weapons.

Material: Master
Gold Value: 19,181
Augment slots: Three
Damage: 124
Class: Light
Obtained From:

The Cutlass Bluetane Edit


Though cutlasses were the weapon of choice for the old shipmasters around Hook Coast, Bluetane was part of a legendary treasure and was never used in combat. Its hunger for blood is palpable.

Material: Legendary
Gold Value: 40,425
Augments: Lightning
Damage: 164
Class: Light
Obtained From:

Fable II Edit

In Fable II cleavers are also available, however they have a different look and new stats (see below). They can be purchased from blacksmiths throughout Albion.

Rusty Cleaver Edit

Rusty cleaver

Cleavers are swift and cause light damage. And while this one is more likely to cause death through disease than the effective rendering of flesh, there is nonetheless something rather brutal and nasty about it.

Star Rating: 1star
Damage: 21.0
Damage Type: Cutting
Attack Speed: Normal
Base Value: 300 Gold

Iron Cleaver Edit

Iron cleaver

Primarily an instrument for butchers, the trusty iron cleaver gained something of a reputation 200 years ago when a serial killer, wearing a mask he'd fashioned to resemble that of Jack of Blades, used it to murder and quarter 27 victims.

Star Rating: 2stars
Damage: 31.5
Damage Type: Cutting
Attack Speed: Normal
Base Value: 1,200 Gold

Steel Cleaver Edit

Steel cleaver

A light but effective weapon. able to gash and tear the flesh of enemies with great speed, steel cleavers are a fearsome weapon on close-combat.

Star Rating: 3stars
Damage: 55.0
Damage Type: Cutting
Attack Speed: Normal
Base Value: 4,800 Gold

Master Cleaver Edit

Master cleaver

Though popular among well-to-do Fairfax citizens who use them as decorative items and to carve unicorn meat, there are few weapons as likely to tear a ribbon to shreds than these magnificent cleavers.

A Master Cleaver with two augment slots can sometimes be bought for 43,200 gold at the Weapons Vendor after the 6th round of the Crucible.

Star Rating: 4stars
Damage: 83.0
Damage Type: Cutting
Attack Speed: Normal
Base Value: 19,200 Gold

The Rising Sun Edit


This magnificent cleaver once belonged to Roamer, the greatest hero from a long-extinct Southern Samarkand tribe for whom dawns were sacred. His combat style involved whirling among his enemies, shredding anyone who came in contact with The Rising Sun.

Star Rating: 5stars
Damage: 61.0
Damage Type: Cutting
Attack Speed: Normal
Base Value: 4,050 Gold

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