FableIII clarence
Species Human
Gender Male
Home Mercenary Camp
Relationships Captain Saker (Leader)
First Appearance Fable III - In Wolf's Clothing
Last Appearance Fable III
Status Alive
"One of the mercenaries. A cold-blooded killer. His name is Clarence, but everybody calls him Jimmy."
— Walter Beck

Clarence, better known by his nickname Jimmy, is a character in Fable III. He is a mercenary, one of many operating out of the Mercenary Camp under the leadership of Captain Saker. Walter Beck encounters Jimmy at the Ye Quill and Quandry pub in Brightwall, where he proceeds to get Jimmy "completely pickled." After Jimmy passes out on a table, Walter instructs the Hero to steal his clothes to use as a disguise to sneak into the Mercenary Camp.


  • According to one mercenary, Clarence has periwinkle eyes, " a beautiful summer morning sky."
  • During In Wolf's Clothing, if you return to Jimmy after buying the Mercenary Beard and tattoo, you can hear him muttering in his sleep about his periwinkle eyes.
  • Unlike most quests involving the hero, Clarence will not change to a female counterpart, forcing the hero to don a beard and male attire, even if they're female.
  • When his clothes are removed, he can be seen wearing a thong.
  • Clarence is bald. However, if the Hero is female and had chosen to keep the beginning ponytail hairstyle, the other Mercenaries don't seem to notice her hair.
  • You might see him awake if you leave Brightwall and then return to the second floor of the pub. (See screenshot below)

Jimmy woke up

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