Civilian Displacement is one of the many jobs in Fable II, and is one which is classed as being evil.

The task is relatively simple; you are given the job by Mickey the Spider in Bowerstone Cemetery, who tells you to find a specific person. There are three different criteria you must meet. If one is unspecified, then it does not matter who you get, so long as they satisfy the other criteria. You must then bring that person to a group of slavers, randomly located in the same places as the Slave Rescue camps. Their leader is a bandit warlord with a randomly generated name, and he has two cronies.

Many people have found it hard to find the monocle person, as required by a 5-Star task. The best bet is to look in Bowerstone Market, or Fairfax Gardens, using the left bumper to go into first person mode, to try and see if they are wearing a monocle. Normally those who wear them are bald in a Cuffed Overcoat.

Note: If the Slavers are killed, this job will be temporarily cancelled.

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