A Child's Bed is a type of furniture in Fable II. It functions exactly the same as a regular Bed albeit on a smaller scale. The player can still sleep in the bed and recieve bonuses.

Types of Child's BedEdit

Name Stars Description Base Value
Nightmare Child's Bed 1star This bed is little more than mouldy planks cobbled together, and guaranteed to give anyone who sleeps on it bad dreams. 25 gold
Restless Night Child's Bed 2stars One night's sleep in this hand-me-down bed would border on child mistreatment. 50 gold
Good Night Child's Bed 3stars Comfortable enough to provide a restful sleep, though not a memorable one. 100 gold
Lullaby Child's Bed 4stars Children will fall asleep with a satisfied smile while in this bed. 200 gold
Sweet Dreams Child's Bed 5stars The specially treated wood in this bed hums a tranquil, magical song that will give any child who sleeps in it the most wonderful dreams. 400 gold

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