Cheese is a type of food in Fable II, and like many different items in the Fable series there are 5 different kinds.

Types of CheeseEdit

Name Stars Description Healing Points Purity Fatness Base Value
Miasmic Cheese 1star This foul melty goo is not technically cheese, but you'd be wise not say that to its face. 20 -5.0 5.0 8
Howling Cheese 2stars Made with balverine milk. Just one more reason not having a nose can be an advantage in life. 40 0.0 5.0 13
Dairy Farm Cheese 3stars Nobody knows where the animals whose milk is used to make this cheese are kept. And so long as there's a steady supply to melt on toast or eat with a nice glass of wine, nobody cares. 80 5.0 5.0 21
Fairfax Delight Cheese 4stars Soft, pungent, and respectable, you and this cheese should get along fine. 160 10.0 5.0 36
Unicorn Cheese 5stars It's doubtful real unicorn milk is used to make this delicacy, but its exquisite taste and exorbitant price is enough to convince Albion's higher classes that no other cheese deserves to go on their sandwiches. 320 15.0 5.0 64


Cheese can be found at most general food shops a.k.a "Food Stall" or "Food Store" or "Food Trader". The Fairfax Gardens food trader has the best type though.


  • Cheese is needed to open The Sepulchre (the Brightwood Demon Door).
  • 200 years prior to the events Fable II there was a cheese famine.
  • For the apparent trouble to get it,howling cheese is astonishingly unpriced.

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