Charles' Hat
All-Weather Chapeau
Effects Attractiveness 5.0%

Poshness 2.5%

Base value 67 Gold
Stars 3stars

Charles' Hat is an item of clothing in Fable II that can be obtained in the quest Rescuing Charlie. It is worn by Charles.

Obtaining The HatEdit

To get Charles' Hat, commonly known as the Top Hat, you must first get the Rescuing Charlie quest. Find Granny Miggins in the Gypsy Camp in Bower Lake.

Once you have accepted the quest, start completing the quest as directed by Charles' grandmother, and it will take you to the Tomb of Heroes. But, in the middle of the quest, you will find Charles in the deep basement of the Tomb of Heroes. He will ask you to help him open the sarcophagus next to him.

After doing so, read the Looter's Note left in the coffin with details of the Normanomicon. When the Hollow Men start to flood in, help Charles fight them off in that room for a little bit. Charles is not a particularly strong character and will not be of much use after a few moments.

Before getting into the next room, turn off the Safety Mode on your expression wheel and spare Charles another talk from his grandmother. Right after killing him, the little item notification will pop up and show you a picture of Charles' Hat, indicating that you now own it and can wear it to your heart's content.

If you can't wait to wear it and happen to put it on before the end of the quest, when you return to Granny Miggins she will mistake you for Charles and threaten to give you a "sound thrashing," but instead forgives you because it's your - or rather Charles' - birthday, and gives you the gift meant for him. If you decide to not wear the hat, it will disappear from your inventory when the quest completes.

Trivia Edit

  • An identical hat can be seen being worn by the example Hero on the preview for the Dextrous Styles: Zoom ability.
  • In the Knothole Island DLC, an identical hat, the All-Weather Chapeau, can be purchased from the general goods trader on Knothole Island.

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