Chaos is a spell from Fable II, being more of a defensive spell overall. The effect of Chaos is random, and often humourous. Targeted effect hits a specific enemy, binding him in the spell's effect. The radial effect is the same, but generally affects weaker enemies. When an enemy is effected by chaos, there is a chance that they will attack other enemies, but all too often they do silly things such as scrubing the floors or dancing.

Chaos is very much like 'Turncoat' from Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary, except that Turncoat was not random; it always turned the target against his former allies.


Summon a Mask of Madness to scramble the minds of your enemies and you never know what might happen. Maybe they'll attack their friends, or maybe they'll scrub the floor to get those stains out. Cast your spell wide to catch more enemies in your web, or target a single one for a much longer effect.


Level Cost Targeted Duration Surround Duration
1 600 5.0 seconds 3.0 seconds
2 3,600 10.0 seconds 6.0 seconds
3 21,600 15.0 seconds 9.0 seconds
4 86,400 20.0 seconds 12.0 seconds
5 259,200 25.0 seconds 15.0 seconds


  • At max level, you can repeatedly use the spell and trap all surrounding enemies in Chaos, completely negating the need for single targeting in large groups.
  • Chaos can be used on NPCs when the safety is turned off, and has a non-lethal effect.

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