Celery is a food that can be purchased from shops and stalls in Fable II and Fable III. Celery is the only food in Fable II that will make you thinner. Depending on which type of celery you purchase, eating it may give or take away purity points. In Fable III, it will make you lose weight and gain morality points depending on the quality of celery you eat.

Types of CeleryEdit

Name Stars Description Healing Points Purity Fatness Base Value
Expired Celery 1star If you're brave enough to eat this you'll be rewarded with negative net calories... and perhaps an upset stomach. 20 -5.0 -5.0% 10
Flaccid Celery 2stars Having lost its crunch, this floppy stalk is as healthy as it is unpleasant. 40 0 -5.0% 14
Crisp Celery 3stars A crunchy, fibrous vegetable which requires more calories to digest than it provides. 80 5.0 -5.0% 20
Lush Celery 4stars Too snobbish to be seen lying among other salad ingredients, this celery is more often seen languidly soaking its stalk in an expensive cocktail. 160 10.0 -5.0% 37
Sublime Celery 5stars This blessed stalk of righteousness is sure to help shed the pounds. 320 15.0 -5.0% 66

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