Cave of a Thousand Guardians
Cave in the Samarkandian Desert
Location Information
Featured in Fable: Edge of the World

The Cave of a Thousand Guardians is a cave formation found in the desert continent of Samarkand, located to the east of the green lands of Albion. The cave is a spiritual resting place, popular among the monks of Samarkand for meditation. It is lined with statues of the one thousand Heroes of Samarkand's long history, each depicted performing their greatest deed for good or ill. The cave is also decorated with centuries-old murals that still maintain their colour and a massive golden door at the entrance.

According to legend, the Cave of a Thousand Guardians is actually a massive "kannat" – an underground well connected by channels. However, unlike the previously known "kannats", it is said that the spring in the cave never runs dry. This would be vital to the Samarkandians, as water is scarce in the desert and is a precious resource to them.

The promise of this legend made it a vital destination for Albion's mighty Hero King, Hero of Brightwall, and his Royal Army, who came to Samarkand ten years after the defeat of The Crawler to destroy the resurgent Darkness. Venturing there on a tip from their guide Shan after previous attempts to collect water ended in disaster, the army was beset by the shadows that lingered there, which subsequently possessed the statues in an attempt to destroy the army. After the Hero of Brightwall lead his army to victory, they were confronted with an obelisk within the cave formation intended to reward a Hero by providing them with an ally made to suit the interests of said Hero. The Hero of Brightwall conjured the image of a Dragon, subsequently releasing Percival. The dragon started his service by guiding the soldiers to a water spring before taking the Hero of Brightwall to a faraway monastery to meet with the Hero Garth.

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