Captain Thorpe
Species Human
Gender Male
Relationships Ben Finn (Ally)
Baron (Blood Ties) (Fellow Mercenary)
Trevor (Fellow Mercenary)
Droogan (Employer)
First Appearance Fable: Blood Ties
Last Appearance Fable: Edge of the World
Status Alive

Captain Thorpe is a minor character in Fable: Blood Ties and Fable: Edge of the World.

Captain Thorpe is a mercenary captain under the command of the Warlord Droogan, who allied himself with the ex-pirate, factory owner/slumlord Reaver in his attempts to conquer the large walled town of Blackholm, located between Millfields and Silverpines.

Blackholm had long been under siege by Droogan's troops until the arrival of the revolutionary hero Ben Finn, who journeyed to Blackholm looking for opportunity and adventure. He fought off Droogan's main army of mercenaries, but when the town was attacked by a second wave of monsters called Half-breeds, Ben eagerly gave chase, recognizing one of the creatures as his long-lost brother William Finn. While he pursues the retreating horde, Warlord Droogan simply marched into town and took it, leaving Captain Thorpe in charge of the occupation force.

After Reaver loses control of his Half-breed army, who give in to their basic instinct to attack Blackholm, Ben Finn rushes back to the town on his horse Clash, only to be hauled from his horse by one of Thorpe's new mercenaries, the former soldier named Trevor. Nevertheless, Captain Thorpe proves to be reasonable, heeding the warnings of Ben Finn and his companion, Page, regarding the approaching Half-breed army. Resolving to hold the town, Captain Thorpe allows Ben and Page to join both his men and the recently re-armed townsfolk to fight the Half-breeds. Before he can talk with Ben, however, the monsters attack.

Initially holding the Half-breeds at bay with a series of well-trained shots from the walls, the creatures manage to scale the wall over the gate. Fortunately for Blackholm, Thorpe had a backup plan, lining the town square with gunpowder. With the struggling William Finn resolving to kill himself in an attempt to destroy the horde and the monster he became by herding his army into the town square and setting off a grenade, the rays of the setting sun destroy all traces of humanity left in William, forcing Ben to shoot the grenade and kill his brother.

A week later, Warlord Droogan ceremoniously rides into Blackholm and asks Captain Thorpe to prepare the townsfolk for a life of slavery. Appalled, Captain Thorpe punches his former master, knocking him on the ground and taking him into custody on the orders of Russell, the new town mayor.

Ten years after this event, Thorpe found himself rejoining the Royal Army in a time of unparalleled prosperity and peace under the rule of the Hero of Brightwall. However, with the rise of the Darkness in Samarkand, Thorpe decided to accompany the mighty Hero King on an expedition to rid Samarkand of both the Darkness and Samarkand's new dictator, The Empress. Visiting Blackholm with Ben Finn for a recruitment drive, Thorpe managed to persuade Russell to volunteer several of his most able-bodied soldiers before joining the expedition force.

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