Captain Arkwright
Species Human
Gender Male
First Appearance Fable III
Last Appearance Fable III
Status Deceased

Captain Arkwright is an unseen character in Fable III.

He owned a rifle, Arkwright's Flintlock. Arkwright "never missed with this rifle. He accomplished this by never firing it." From that, we gather that he never used this weapon in combat.

He is also the author of "How to be a Crack Shot" and "How to be a Master Swordsman". The Hero of Brightwall needs to find these in the quest The Pen is Mightier...

He is buried in Mourningwood. His grave reads "Captain Arkwright. All his training and all his skill couldn't save him.". This implies that he may have been a coward or, judging by his books, ignorant.


  • He may be a reference to the character "Bill Arkwright", a spook from the "Spooks" series.
  • He may also be a reference to the character "Luther Arkwright", of various series created by Bryan Talbot.

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