Disambiguous This article is about the book "Bowerstone Old Town". For the district of Bowerstone in Fable II, see Bowerstone Old Town.
Bowerstone Old Town (book)
Type Book
Source Old Town General Store
Base value 40 gold
Stars 1star

Bowerstone Old Town is a book in Fable II. It can be purchased at the Old Town General Store only if the Hero turned over the arrest warrants to Arfur during Childhood, which eventually causes all of Old Town to slide deeper into poverty.

Contents of BookEdit

The last thing any seasoned traveller wants to do when on holiday is see only what the tourists see, so when in Bowerstone why not go native and visit Old Town? This historic neighbourhood has always been an exciting destination for all visitors, whether they arrive there of their own free will or otherwise. The pronounced lack of any law enforcement may seem at first to be a liability, but in practice the absence of guards means that one can see and experience local colour in a way simply impossible in more regularly patrolled neighbourhoods. One surely will not see such local notables as Nicky "The Nickname" Chalmers and his cronies in Bowerstone Market. Especially since most of these individuals have been permanently banned from the rest of Bowerstone, and have the kill-on-sight warrants to prove it.

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