Bowerstone Coach House is located in Bowerstone Market close to the exit to Bower Lake. Once the Hero has cleared out Rookridge, a coach will appear allowing faster travel between Bowerstone and Oakfield. If they invest 5,000 gold with Barnum, Westcliff will be added as a new destination and one of the Bowerstone coaches will be relocated to the new coach house there. This allows access to the gargoyle and the chest inside.

Stats Edit

Base value: 26,000 gold
Stars: 4stars
Address: 2 Bowerstone Entrance, Bowerstone Market
History: Feet feeling sore? These coaches will take you where you need to go.

Notes Edit

  • Inside the Coach House is a Gargoyle and a chest.
  • Like all the coach drivers that can be found in coach houses, the coach driver is immune to all attacks, even with the safety off.

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