Bowerstone's Anti-Theresa Society, also known as B.A.T.S., is an organisation in Albion. The society was founded by Reaver, a Hero, and claims that Theresa is Albion’s hidden dictator, manipulating individuals and events to suit her own nefarious plans. Their headquarters is described as looking like a slum, possibly a warehouse, from the outside while inside it is "as resplendent as a royal palace."

The society has a rivalry with Theresa's Fan Club, an organisation which fervently supports the blind seeress. The society has at least one mole within the fan club.

The club was featured in some articles in the Bowerstone Times, written by Penelope Chumley. While Chumley was enjoying one of Theresa's Fan Club's bi-monthly meetings, a mole within the organisation brought her to the society's headquarters where they provide evidence against Theresa, contradictory to the claims of her fan club.

Known Members Edit

  • Reaver - Founder and benefactor
  • Unnamed mole within Theresa's Fan Club

Trivia Edit

  • The society's headquarters contains paintings of Theresa in rather compromising and, in some cases, illegal positions.

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