A Bookcase is a type of furniture in Fable II that can contain items. The items found in the cupboard range from gifts (chocolate, flowers, toys, etc.), books, or other random items. Typically, only books are found in bookcases.

When you press (or hold) A on a bookcase, there are two possible actions: steal or search. Stealing is performed when you take items from a bookcase in a house other than your own. It gives you 5 evil points and you run the risk of getting put under arrest (or if you are in Bloodstone, a witness of stealing will attack you). It also is considered stealing when taking items from a bookcase even while renting out a house that belongs to you. An "eyeball" icon will appear above the cupboard indicating whether or not you will be spotted when attempting to steal. Searching is just the opposite; when you take items from the bookcase(s) in your own house.

Types of Bookcase Edit

Name Stars Description Base Value
Broken Bookcase 1star This rickety heap looks like it couldn't support a deep thought, let alone some heavy tomes. 30 gold
Worn Bookcase 2stars A bookcase that has been aged by years of holding up expensive-looking books no one reads but that make the owner look smart. 60 gold
Average Bookcase 3stars A standard bookcase, good for storing--you guessed it-- books. 120 gold
Decorative Bookcase 4stars If you don't have books now, you'll want to get some to fill this splendid bookcase. 240 gold
Luxury Bookcase 5stars This elegant, hand-carved, golden-flecked bookcase is a must-have for the literati in Albion. 480 gold

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