Bob (Fable II)
Bob (Fable II)
Species Human
Gender Male
Relatives Lil (Wife)
Relationships The Hero (Friend)
First Appearance Fable II
Last Appearance Fable II
Status Dead, possibly alive if 'Sacrifice' is chosen at the end of the game

Bob is a character in Fable II who won The Crucible challenge and goes off to the Spire with you to become one of Lucien's Spire Guards. Upon entering the Spire he strikes up conversation with the Hero and expresses his joy at being chosen to work at the Spire. Throughout your time at the spire you encounter Bob on many occasions. Initially he expresses joy at being chosen for guard duty and speaks of his wishes to send a letter home to his wife of thirteen years, Lil. During another encounter, however, Bob seems to have completely forgotten about his wife, as he expresses pity for a prisoner who was being punished for claiming that he missed his family, before saying that he is glad he does not have one.

Bob appears one final time when the Commandant orders the Hero to kill him. Bob is seen laying on the ground repeating lines from the speech Lucien gives when they first arrive at the Spire. It's possible that he is with the Commandant because he disobeyed him and for his punishment the Commandant had drained his brain beyond repair. A more likely explanation, since Bob had forgotten about Lil by the time of his death, is that the Spire's 'Will Sapping' had drained him of what mind he had ('broken him', as the Commandant says), and rendered him mentally unstable. Because of his mental instability, he was to be killed for the utilitarian reason expressed by the Commandant. The Commandant hands you a Cutlass, and you have the choice to kill Bob, not do anything, or attack the Commandant himself (which won't yield any damage, but instead will trigger another Experience sap from the Hero). If you refuse to kill Bob, the Commandant will kill him himself.


  • If you choose Sacrifice at the end of the main story, it can be assumed that Bob was among the victims resurrected.
  • Since Bob never mentions the location of his wife, an encounter with her is all but impossible.