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Species Wisp (formerly Human)
Gender Male
Home The Forge of Fire (Location)
Relationships Finley (Fellow Wisp)
First Appearance Fable: The Journey
Last Appearance Fable: The Journey
Status Alive

Bob is a character in Fable: The Journey. He is a wisp and guardian of The Forge of Fire.

Once a member of the order of seers known as the Enlightened, Bob was assigned with his companion, Finley, to watch over the temple known as the Forge of Fire, found in the Lava Fields east of Thorndeep in the Edgelands of Albion. Specifically, it was their job to watch over the Willstone of Blaze, once one of the greatest Three Heroes of the Old Kingdom before he perished fighting the Crawler. They were to watch over the Willstone and the temple and test the worthiness of anyone who would come to claim it.

Over the centuries, the isolation of their assignment made Bob hunger for any sort of interaction with someone besides Finley, who had grown increasingly irritated with his companion over the centuries. This isolation ended fifty years after the defeat of the returned Crawler, when Gabriel, a Dweller recruited by Theresa, visited the temple in an attempt to claim the Willstone to defeat The Corruptor, who at long last was threatening to enter Albion. Gabriel soon discovered that even as centuries had passed, Bob and Finley did a poor job of preparing any sort of real test. This, coupled with Bob's over-enthusiasm resulting in him giving away most of the answers, guaranteed that the young Dweller was able to solve the puzzles and defeat the creatures that had infested the temple and claimed the Willstone. Having claimed the Willstone, Gabriel bid the two wisps a fond farewell before departing, leaving the temple and its occupants alone once more.


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