Bloodbath at the Royal Court is a play written by Philipth Morley. It is the second of three plays performed by the Hero of Brightwall, during the quest Missing Play. The play is regarded as being "One of Morley's earlier, funnier plays."

Notable CharactersEdit

  • The Fool - A member of the Royal Court. The Fool was employed to provide entertainment for a Monarch. (According to Ransom Locke, the Fool, is "a role filled with tragic depth" and requires a "masterful performance").
  • King Row Low - The reigning monarch in the "Royal Court." He appears to be a very short tempered man and is domineering.

Passage from the play, (as written by Morley) performed in "Missing Play"Edit

King Row Low: What fresh insolence is this?! Out of my throne, you impertinent buffoon! Stand before your King, and do your Jester's duty! Tis a troublesome time for this court, and my crown grows heavy. So make me laugh! Or I shall have your head.

[The Fool proceeds to tickle the King, who laughs]

King Row Low: Oh! Oh, stop! It's too funny! I believe I am in the right mood now to meet those foreign delegates. I think I shall only behead half of them, yes.

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