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Type Stage of the Journey
(Chapter 3)
Preceding Miremoor
Succeeding The Good Samaritan
Locations Bladebarrow

Bladebarrow is the second stage of Chapter 3 in Fable: The Journey. After traversing the northern part of Miremoor, Gabriel and Theresa arrive at Miremoor Henge to gain access to the barrow and retrieve one of the Willstones of the Ancient Heroes from within.

Story Edit

After solving a puzzle at the door, the young Dweller descended further and further into the massive cave network of Bladebarrow, fighting off an infestation of Hollow Men who ambushed him at every turn. Using the power of the gauntlets, and with little aid from Bladebarrow's resident caretaker, Gabriel managed to solve the puzzles and survive the Hollow Men, eventually claiming the Willstone of the famous Hero. Leaving the unhelpful Ghostlight to deal with his duel personalities on his own, Gabriel managed to defeat a Troll before leaving the temple and heading to the Echo Hills of Albion to claim the final Willstone.

Walkthrough Edit

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