Temple in Miremoor
FTJ Bladebarrow
Location Information
Featured in Fable: The Journey
Related Quests Bladebarrow
Enemies Rockmites
Hollow Men
NPCs Ghostlight
Exits Miremoor

Bladebarrow is a temple of the Enlightened located within Miremoor Henge in the Edgelands. The barrow bears the Willstone of Stone.

Built during Albion's anarchist period following the demise of the Old Kingdom, the temple contains a series of challenges designed to judge the worthiness of someone seeking the Willstone. Much of the temple is also a tomb, containing the bodies of warriors of old and their restless spirits, who have become aggressive enough to reanimate the bones of the dead as hollow men. Bladebarrow is guarded by Ghostlight, a wisp who was once a member of the Enlightened who was chosen for the position due to his "dependable disposition". Ironically, the wisp suffered from a dual personality disorder.

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