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Big Blue Box Chest Tattoo

Big Blue Box Chest Tattoo


The Big Blue Box Chest Tattoo is a tattoo found in Fable:The Lost Chapters. It can be found within a house in Snowspire.


This image illustrates an old Albion myth. At the beginning of time, the gods created two boxes, a large blue one and a smaller sun-coloured one.They were presented to the first man, who had to choose which one to open. His option would dictate the shape of the world he lived in. Reasoning that blue was the calmer colour, while the smaller one was closer to dangerous fire, the first man opened the big blue box. Out of it came all the good things in the world, but also all the evil. The gods explained that the smaller one only had room for the good in the world, and that the man had condemned his race to a life of peril.

Category: Tattoo

Type: Chest

Armour Rating: None

Alignment Modifier: +45 

Attract Bonus: +30

Scariness: -20

Value: 1000


  • The "Big Blue Box" is a reference to the video game company Big Blue Box, a satellite developer of Lionhead Studios that helped develop the original Fable.

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