Bertie Knippet
Species Human
Gender Male
Home Bowerstone
Status Alive

Bertie Knippet is the Head Seer and the co-founder of Theresa's Fan Club, an organization dedicated to the celebration of Theresa's life and accomplishments throughout the last five centuries.

While writing an article for the Bowerstone Times, investigative reporter Penelope Chumley was invited to one of the Theresa's Fan Club's monthly gatherings. While there, she met with Bernie, who invited her to come with him to Wraithmarsh, the former site of Oakvale, where Theresa was born more than 500 years prior. While there, Bertie showed Penelope the shrine that the Fan Club erected during one of their previous visits, and details both her life in Oakvale and the horrific bandit raid that razed the hamlet and left her blind. He also reveals that he knew the details from Theresa's diary, which he procured after having spent most of his money acquiring it.

Bertie Knippet was also present when Penelope Chumley investigated the "historical re-enactments" of Theresa's actions during key moments of Albion's history. He helped oversee the re-enactments, which humourously claim that Theresa stopped both Jack of Blades and Lucien by roundhouse-kicking them in the face after the Hero of Oakvale and the Hero of Bowerstone were otherwise incapacitated.

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