Bernard F3
Species Human
Gender Male
Relatives Patsy (wife)
Home Brightwall
First Appearance Fable III - Chicken Chaser
Last Appearance Fable III
Status Alive

Bernard is a farmer from Brightwall in Fable III.

He, along with his wife Patsy, own some chickens that escaped in the quest Chicken Chaser. Paranoid of the supposed damage that the chickens can do, he gives the Hero a Chicken Suit and asks them to round the chickens up. Bernard also cautions the Hero, warning that the chickens are far more clever than they let on and that they are capable of military action. 

Once rounded up, Bernard wants to kill the chickens, and Patsy wants to keep them alive. The Hero must choose who to give them to.

If the Hero favours Bernard, he will kill the chickens. Unfortunately, Patsy will later divorce him, adopt some more chickens, and open up a chicken racing betting game in the quest A Day at the (Chicken) Races. If the player spares the chickens, however, Bernard will accede and the chicken races will still become available.


  • According to the visitor log at Clockwork Island, Bernard once visited with his wife Patsy, complaining in the log about the high number of chickens in the park.

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