Disambiguous This article is about the character from The Game. For the revolution ally, see Ben Finn.
Gamer Ben
Species Human
Gender Male
Relationships Mark (Friend, fellow gamer)

Jim (Friend, fellow gamer)

First Appearance Fable III
Last Appearance The Last Role of the Dice
Status Alive

Ben is character in Fable III. He is one the three "magi" the Hero encounters during the quest The Game.

His self-proclaimed title is "Ka-lev, Lord of the Faeries." In reality, Ben is an avid gamer who enjoys playing Hollows and Hobbes with his friends Mark and Jim. Like his friends, Ben wears a red robe.

Throughout the game, Ben constantly makes suggestions for more cheerful and 'pretty' moments in the game. This often annoys his friends, especially Jim, who prefers a violent story. Ben also voices all the female characters the Hero encounters while playing the game, as well as Horace the poet. He is the only one who complains if the Hero is female when the player can kiss the princess.


  • Ben's nickname is likely a reference to Kalev Tait of Lionhead Studios.
  • During The Game, when the Hero is fighting the Demonic Chickens, Ben will humorously exclaim, "This is murder most fowl!" a play on the line from Shakespeare's Hamlet.
  • If the Hero doesn't kiss the princess, Ben says that the Hero acted selflessly thinking about her.
  • According to the visitor log, Ben and his friends once visited Clockwork Island.
  • Like his friends, Ben is featured heavily in the online story The Last Role of the Dice. He helps Ben Finn throughout the story.

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