Beer is a drink found in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable II. It is an alcoholic drink, which has the ability to make one drunk if they drink too much of it.

Fable and TLCEdit

In Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters, one will have their sight affected giving the game a very blurred and dizzy effect. One will also throw up.

Fable IIEdit

In Fable II, there are different types of beer. These are:

Name Stars Description Healing Points STR Exp. Purity Fatness Base Value
Balverine's Spleen Beer 1star It's not just a sassily lowbrow beer name. It's also the ingredient list. 10 0 -20.0 10.0% 4
Gutter Beer 2stars This low-quality beer will coat your mouth with a bitter sheen of sadness. Best imbibed only after following several other drinks or a swift blow to the head. 20 5 -15.0 10.0% 8
Bowerstone Brown Beer 3stars This brew has been getting the population of Albion drunk for centuries. 40 25 -10.0 10.0% 18
Portentous Stout 4stars Make yourself drunk. Make others drunk. What's not to like? 80 125 -5.0 10.0% 46
Hoptimus Prime 5stars This is as good as beer gets. Transform yourself into a drunken pillar of health and strength with this superhuman brew. 160 625 -1.0 5.0% 145


  • Hoptimus Prime is obviously named after the Transformer Optimus Prime, a reference further supported by the item's description.

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