Beef Jerky is a type of food in Fable II.

Name Stars Description Healing Points Purity STR Exp. Fatness Base Value
Rancid Beef Jerky 1star Nothing elevates you in the eyes of your peers like being seen gnawing a cut of truly rank jerky. 20 -20.0 0.0 2.5 6
Salty Beef Jerky 2stars It'll keep longer than you will. 40 -15.0 5 2.5 12
Travel-Ready Beef Jerky 3stars A passable table jerky, it tastes vaguely of salted meat. 80 -10.0 25 2.5 26
Organic Beef Jerky 4stars Cows must submit to years of training and rigorous study to achieve organic jerkyhood. 160 -5.0 125 2.5 61
Revelatory Beef Jerky 5stars Cured with the finest salts and aged in rosewood casks guarded by monks who have taken the vows of jerky abstinence. 320 0 625 2.5 172

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