The Bedside Table is an item of furniture in Fable II. This item offers only to serve as decoration in a player's home. A Bedside Table can increase or decrease the value of a home depending on the quality of the table.

Types of Bedside Table Edit

Name Stars Description Base Value
Broken Bedside Table 1star Held together by rust and dead termites. You'll be lucky if it's still standing when you wake up in the morning. 10 gold
Worn Bedside Table 2stars A bedside table that could do with a fresh coat of paint... and a fourth leg. 20 gold
Average Bedside Table 3stars A standard bedside that's good for a lamp, a book, or an overfed cat 40 gold
Decorative Bedside Table 4stars A perfect companion for a decorative bed. 80 gold
Luxury Bedside Table 5stars An exquisite piece of bedroom furniture upon which to rest your tiara or your toupee. 160 gold

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