A Bed is an item of furniture found in Fable II. Double beds can be found in many houses and Inns around Albion. By sleeping in a bed, your wounds are instantly healed. Also, sleeping in houses that you own can grant you a wide variety of bounses. Beds can also be used to initiate sex with your partner or a prostitute. You may purchase better beds at furniture stores in Bowerstone and Bloodstone to improve the bonuses you get from sleeping in them. The bed at the top of Brightwood Tower is also used to teleport you to Nightmare Hollow.

To sleep in a bed, the player must walk up to it and press the A button. An option will be given to sleep for set amounts of time: 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours or 7 days. A quick rest is all that is needed for the player to heal their wounds and/or to receive the bonus. The bonus a player gets from sleeping in a particular bed stays with them until they sleep in a new bed with different bonuses. Sleeping long periods of time can cause the Hero to gain weight, making them less attractive to others.

Types of BedEdit

Name Stars Description Base Value
Broken Bed 1star A very uncomfortable bed. It'll give you nightmares just staring at it!  ?
Worn Bed 2stars For a growing and working class Albion family.  ?
Average Bed 3stars A good sturdy bed for a couple or a very large person. 200 gold
Decorative Bed 4stars A lavish bed for the middle class people of Albion.  ?
Luxury Bed 5stars This bed is so comfortable and elegant, you'll be having sleepovers just to show it off. 800 gold

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