Fable 2 bartender

Working as a Bartender

Bartender is a job available in Fable II.

Tap the A Button to serve a pint. The longer you pour, the better the head on the beer. But be careful not to spill! Pull 3 perfect pints in a row to increase your gold multiplier.

If possible use a non-wireless controller for this, as you rank up and speeds increase, you often find yourself dropping mugs because you pressed the button but the signal did not arrive fast enough. (be sure not to press too lightly)


Job GrowthEdit

Star Rating Earning Requirement Base Pay per Pint Dropped Mug Penalty
1 0 Gold 3 Gold -2 Gold
2 80 Gold 12 Gold -8 Gold
3 800 Gold 27 Gold -18 Gold
4 8,000 Gold 48 Gold -32 Gold
5 32,000 Gold 75 Gold -50 Gold

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