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Species Human
Gender Male
Relationships Ben Finn (Former Ally)
The Swift Brigade (Former Allies)
Trevor (Fellow Mercenary)
Droogan (Employer)
First Appearance Fable: Blood Ties
Last Appearance Fable: Blood Ties
Status Alive

Baron is a former member of The Swift Brigade, an old friend of Ben Finn, and a minor character in Fable: Blood Ties.

Ben originally met Baron during a bar brawl in Bloodstone, when he saved Ben from being struck from behind. The two would come to serve at Mourningwood Fort together, but Major Swift dispatched Baron to Silverpines to fetch reinforcements prior to the battle with the hollow men. Baron is not his true name, but rather a nickname given to him due to his gentlemanly nature and code of ethics, which prompted others to "liken him to a nobleman".

Shortly after the revolution and the defeat of The Crawler in Fable III, Ben Finn, revolutionary hero and friend to the current Hero King, the Hero of Brightwall, resolves to go adventuring again. Venturing out into Mourningwood, Ben travels the roads and runs into a camp set up by Baron and a few other former members of The Swift Brigade, now acting as mercenaries after the revolution. Swapping heroic tales about their late commander, Major Swift, the talk then turns to the subject of Blackholm, a large walled town between Millfields and Silverpines currently under siege by a warlord named Droogan. With another former soldier, Trevor, explaining that Blackholm is too poor to hire proper mercenaries, Ben's gnome companion interjects in a perfect imitation of his voice, claiming that Baron and his men are too cowardly to assist the unfortunate citizens of Blackholm. Enraged, Baron's men attack their old friend, who manages to escape on the back of a large brown stallion named Clash, who he used to care for at Mourningwood Fort.

The next time Ben Finn meets Baron, the youngest Finn is rushing to Blackholm in a desperate attempt to save Blackholm from a horde of Reaver's Half-breed monsters, lead by his transformed elder brother, the long-lost William Finn. Thrown off his horse as soon as he passes the gate, Ben notices to his shock that Baron and his men are all adorning the colours and crests of Warlord Droogan, with Baron admitting that the group decided to join up with the warlord for the pay. Nevertheless, the people of Blackholm and Droogan's forces willingly join forces to fight off the Half-breed hordes, who have lost all their direction with Reaver thanks to the destruction of the control crystal that was used to dictate orders to them. Charging the town, the well-trained marksmen fight off the Half-breeds until William calls his fellow Half-breeds, intent on destroying himself and his fellows with a grenade in a desperate attempt to save the town. Unfortunately, as the sun rises, William loses the last vestige of humanity and promptly abandons his attempt to sacrifice himself and the Half-breeds, forcing his younger brother to take a well-aimed shot at the grenade, killing the Half-breeds and saving the town.

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