Barnum's Thesaurus
Barnum's Thesaurus
Type Book
Source Barnum
Related Quests A Bridge Too Far
Base value 320 gold
Stars 4stars

Barnum's Thesaurus is a book you get from completing the A Bridge Too Far quest in Fable II.

Contents of Book Edit

This tattered, handwritten book performs countless crimes against synonymisation, among them: Nasty: 1. distrafolic, respinacious, aggravatising 2. sprockless, embitterious, spitoonful. Surprising: mindplosive, betwazzling, shakeastickful. There are also a small number of antonyms, such as: Hand: foot, other hand, extremiosity. Hungry: bananas, pie, donkey.

Trivia Edit

  • Barnum's idiotic way of speaking was mainly caused by this book which he bought from Murgo during Childhood. He gave it to you after clearing Rookridge of bandits. After redeveloping Westcliff he claims to be free of the "shackles" of the Thesaurus.
  • Barnum's Thesaurus appears in Fable III while doing the "Pen is mightier..." quest.

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