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Balverine Temple
Location Information
Featured in Fable: The Balverine Order

The Balverine Temple is an old, crumbling temple featured in Fable: The Balverine Order located close to the city of Sutcliff, located on an unknown continent to the east of Albion. It also serves as the headquarters for the elusive secret organization, the Balverine Order.

While on a hunt with the nobleman Ethan Kreel, it is revealed that Ethan is actually a balverine and a member of the order. He promptly incapacitates both Thomas Kirkman and James Skelton and takes them to the temple, where Lugaru, leader of the Balverine Order, prepares to turn the two into balverines. However, the two men narrowily escape with the help of Quentin Locke.

After claiming the weapons of the Three Heroes known as the Triumvirate, the trio head back to the temple to destroy the balverines and save the other prisoners. While fighting there, Sabrina Kreel is run through by Thomas, Ethan is killed using a Drain Life power, and Lugaru kills himself to cheat Thomas of the revenge he sought for his brother, Stephen Kirkman. After the death of these prominent individuals in the Balverine Order, the three heroes leave the temple, letting it lie abandoned once more.

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