Light Albion
Welcome to the town of Aurora, but beware the dangerous desert wastelands beyond. Auroraicon
Level Information
Enemies Minions
Sand Furies
Skeleton Hobbes
Boss Fight Tomb: Sentinel
Mini-Game River: Boat Racing
Medal Scores
Bronze Quest Icon 8000 Silver Quest Icon 30000 Gold Quest Icon 60000
World Map Board
Previous Level Bowerstone
Next Level The Credits

Aurora is a level in Fable Heroes. It is based on the regions of Aurora in Fable III, specifically the City of Aurora and Shifting Sands regions.

Level Breakdown Edit

  • Power-Up Chest!: A Power-Up Chest sits just beyond the start line.
  • Minions: These forms of the darkness first appear on a stone bridge.
  • Power-Up Chest!: A chest lies in a doorway behind a collection of urns.
  • Sand Furies: These tribal Aurorans appear as you pass underneath a large stone arch. There is a Power-Up Chest nearby.
  • Mini-Inions (2 waves): A group of small minions appears near the skeleton of a large animal. The second wave consists of normal sized minions. A Power-Up Chest sits behind them.
  • Sand Furies: Another group of sand furies appears next to a Power-Up Chest.
  • Skeleton Hobbes: These appear near a Power-Up Chest in an oasis.
  • Good or Evil?: Open one of the two chests to assign a random power-up to one of your puppets.
  • Break Time: Destroy the urn to activate the coin cloud and proceed.
  • Sand Furies: Ahead lies another pack of sand furies and another Power-Up Chest.

River Edit

Take the path on the left to reach the river: Puppets, start your engines! Tap the buttons shown over character's head as fast as you can!

Boat Racing Edit

Set sail and try to beat your fellow Heroes in this boat race!

The aim is to be the first puppet to reach the end of the course. Mash the buttons as they appear over your puppet and try to be the first to the end. The quicker you mash the buttons, the faster you go down the track. The winner receives 5000 coins, second place gets 3000, third gets 1500, and last place gets 1 coin.

Tomb Edit

Take the path on the right to reach the tomb. There are two Power-Up Chests to open and a group of mini-inions, and then full-sized minions, to kill before reaching the boss fight.

Sentinel Edit

The ancient Sentinel statue has come to life! What a piece of work...

The sentinel attacks with a punch of his right hand during the first third of the fight. Once a third of his health has gone, he will close his wings and summon a group of minions. When they are defeated, the sentinel will activate again, and will have gained a new attack. He sweeps his staff across in front of him, knocking down any puppet that gets in the way. Once another third of his health is gone, he closes up and summons minions again. During the final third, he gains a third attack where he slams his staff down on the ground. The two Power-Up Chests respawn after upwards of 75 seconds.

Scores Edit

Die Rolls Coins
1 1000
2 7000
3 22000
4 37000
5 53000
Medal Coins
Bronze 8000
Silver 30000
Gold 60000

Notes Edit

  • In addition to barrels and crates, Aurora features urns that can be destroyed for coins.

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